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28 Jul

Swimming Pool Landscaping Tips

Deciding how to landscape around your swimming pool is not as simple as just going to the nursery and picking up pretty plants. There are some things that should be taken into consideration. Some plantings are simply not a good match for swimming pool areas. Here are some tips for choosing the appropriate plantings.

Avoid Plants That Require Trimming

There are many bushes and flowering plants that require periodic trimming or deadheading. These can be a nuisance when trying to avoid getting debris in the pool or on the pool deck. Clean up may be difficult for you or your landscape maintenance crew.

Consider planting succulents and ornamental grasses that require very little maintenance. Choose ones that are a good match for the northeast Florida area climate.

Plant Trees and Shrubs That Don’t Shed

Many trees and shrubs shed their leaves, needles, flowers, fruits, or nuts seasonally. These are not only messy to clean up from your pool; they can also stain the pool deck if left to decay. If not removed from the pool routinely, they can clog the drains.

Cypress and arborvitae are very nice options for tall bushes that provide privacy. Banana fruit trees don’t require much attention and can add an exotic vibe to the area.

Deter Wildlife

Flowers are beautiful around a pool. However, you don’t want to encourage stinging insects that feed on the pollen of many flowering plants. Certain ground cover and vegetables attract animals. Rabbits, woodchucks, and deer can decimate a tasty garden in one day. Keep your warm weather collards, cucumbers, flowering squash, and tomatoes away from the pool area.

Geraniums are very pretty and don’t attract as many insects. Marigolds, hot peppers, and spicy herbs discourage animals from nibbling on your garden.

Plant Local Varieties Rather Than Invasive Plants

Seek guidance from your landscape professional and local university extension program as to which plants are native to the area and climate. Try to avoid invasive vines, such as kudzu, that will take over and crowd out other plants. Bamboo, will also take over the landscape if not planted and tended to properly.

Ask the Professionals

When planning your pool landscape, you can benefit from seeking guidance from an industry professional. The goal is to keep the area as maintenance free, safe, and aesthetically pleasing as possible by creating an oasis. The landscape team at Scapes can help you with your pool area planting suggestions and maintenance of same.

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