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10 Oct

Landscaping Increases A Home’s Value

You might be wondering if investing in the services of a professional landscaper will increase the value of your home. The truth is that the first impression of your home is what can be seen on the outside. A well-landscaped property is a good way to intrigue an interested home buyer.

Your home may be stunning inside. But, if the landscaping doesn’t look as impressive, you won’t have any curb appeal to draw potential buyers in when it comes time to sell. Let’s review a few simple tips for creating an appealing and low-maintenance landscape.

Healthy Lawn

The simplest thing you can do is to have a lush, green, and well-mowed lawn. Your lawn is basically the canvas that leads to the front door. Your lawn needs to be nourished in the spring, mowed and watered all summer, raked and cleaned up in the fall, and tended to a little less in the winter. A well cared for lawn is one of the simplest and important things that says you care about your property.

Tasteful Hardscapes

Landscaping is not just about the grass and gardens. Curb appeal also includes well thought out driveways, paths, and patios. In Northern Florida, we spend a lot of time outdoors, especially in the more pleasant cooler seasons.

A well-appointed stone patio is like having an additional room. It is ideal for entertaining or just relaxing in the evening. Most patios are not visible from the front of the house. Therefore, it is a good idea to mimic the patio material with an inviting walkway from the driveway to the front door. This will tease onlookers.

Your driveway should also be well maintained. Asphalt can easily be resealed. Concrete can be patched. Gravel is very easy to apply weed killer to or add more gravel. Unit pavers are simply attractive and require little care.

Landscape Lighting

While your home exterior might look great by day, subtle lighting can make a real statement at night. The idea is to highlight footpaths and well-maintained gardens, while also providing lighting for safe passage. Gone are the days of bright floodlights to scare off intruders and annoy neighbors. Newer LED lamps are a terrific option to consider.

Let Us Help You with Your Landscaping Needs

When considering investing in landscaping services to increase the value of your home, trust the professionals at Scapes to help you design and maintain your property wisely. Please visit our website to see our gallery of projects and the services we offer.

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