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18 Sep

Landscaping in Humid Climates

One of the nicest things about living in a warm and humid climate zone is that you can have colorful and luscious plantings all year round. You just need to know what plants thrive best in this type of environment. It is possible to create paradise in your yard.

Planning the Landscape

Tropical plantings tend to grow quickly with a mix of abundant sunshine and adequate rainfall. The trick is to plan well so that the plants don’t take over the yard. Leave plenty of room for walkways, and don’t plant too close to the house.

You may want to avoid vines and ground covers that spread. These can choke out other plants and be hard to maintain.

Mix things up with border plants, trees, mosses, and perhaps some hanging flowering plants.

Types of Plants

Plants that do well in humid climates are referred to as air plants. These are plants that grow in the canopy of trees. They actually have exposed root systems that help them catch water and nutrients from the air. These plants often attach themselves to trees or rocks for structure. They are not harmful and can be very pretty. Spanish moss and staghorn ferns are both lush green air plants that can grow on rock walls.

Flowering trees and fruits also do well in this type of climate. Pineapples and bananas come to mind. Flowering dogwood and loblolly bay trees blossom in spring and summer. Taller trees, such as palms are green all year round and offer shade.

Orchids favor humid conditions. Their flowers are stunning.

Maintaining the Landscape

The benefits of sunshine and humidity are that your well-designed landscape will thrive. With that in mind, weeds may also benefit. The key is to thin out the weeds seasonally to allow for healthy growth of your primary plantings.

There may also be a need for periodic deadheading of flowering plants to allow for more blossoms and pruning of trees and shrubs to avoid overgrowth. You may also need mulch to control ground cover.

A good practice is to have a professional landscaping service that is knowledgeable about local horticulture help you design and maintain your lawns and gardens periodically. The team at Scapes has the knowledge and expertise to help you make the right decisions for a humid environment and can help you maintain your property meticulously.

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