Best Guide on Outdoor Lighting - Scapes
6 Jun

Best Guide on Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is an important part of your landscape plan. Your home’s curb appeal isn’t just for daylight hours. Check out these ideas for landscape lighting design:

Path lights and driveway lights: Lights that provide safety to your family and visitors are an asset to your home. They can be installed easily by you or a professional and can be your choice of electric, solar or battery-powered. Path lights light the way to your home and create ambience around your walkways and driveways. Choose from styles such as miniature glass lanterns, plastic mushroom lights, stone pillar lighting and more.

Uplights and spotlights: In addition to lighting traffic areas on your property, you landscape lighting design plan should also include uplights and spotlights that create a focal point on your house or in your yard. Have a beautiful weeping willow out front? Why not spotlight it? What about a stained glass window or other unique architectural feature on your home? Uplights are great along the front of your house, because they allow visitors to see the shape of your home without shining right into your windows.

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