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10 Nov

Benefits of Irrigation Systems

Water is one of our most precious resources. It keeps us hydrated and helps our landscapes to thrive so that we have more clean oxygen to breathe. It is important that we pay respect to this life-giving commodity by practicing good conservation. One way to do this is to have an irrigation system that is timed correctly and isn’t wasteful when nature provides us with rainwater.

Automatic Irrigation System Problems

A well-designed landscape irrigation system isn’t simply a buried hose with randomly placed sprinkler heads. An ideal system is designed to spread water in many directions and to be placed on a timer with rain sensors.

Poorly designed irrigation systems allow for water to pond in areas. This is an invitation for harmful insects, such as mosquitoes, to gather. Another flaw with systems that were not engineered properly is that they might not water the area at the best time of day for your plantings. Nor will they shut off when there is a rain event.

Automatic Irrigation System Benefits

A thoughtfully laid out system will save you time and money. You will not have to spend hours watering your landscape with a manual hose. The system will be controlled to minimize water waste by being set on timers with rain sensors. It is estimated that an automatic irrigation system can save as much as 50% on water consumption by not overwatering your plants and lawn.

Having a knowledgeable landscape professional manage your irrigation system ensures that the timer will be set for different seasonal needs. For instance, you want the system dialed back during the rainy season. Also, a professional can maintain the system to make sure all of the distribution hoses and sprinkler heads are working optimally with no leaks or clogs.

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