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18 May

Advantages Of LED Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is essential for our security, safety, and enjoyment of our property at night. It used to be that outdoor lighting was mostly incandescent or even fluorescent bulbs. These often aren’t very bright, aren’t efficient, don’t last long, and give off unusual color spectrums. Today, we have LED lamps available for outdoor lighting. Here are some of the reasons LED lighting makes good sense.

Energy Efficiency

LED lighting is today’s preferred option over incandescent fixtures for their incredible return on investment. The bulbs will last from 30,000 to 50,000 hours. They also don’t rely on as much power to burn.

Durability and Longevity

LED lighting fixtures are able to endure all sorts of climatic conditions. They can often be made of materials that don’t rust or corrode. These fixtures will last a long time with virtually no maintenance.

Brightness and Color

If you enjoy natural daylighting, you will love LED lamps. These bulbs are truer to our natural white lighting from the sun. In essence, things that are illuminated look like they would on a clear day. They are also brighter than standard incandescent lamps.

Design Flexibility

There are so many available options for LED lighting these days. These come in forms that can be mounted on buildings, up in trees, or as pole fixtures. They are available as ground level fixtures, such as step lighting and bollards. You can even get LED fixtures for your pool or other water features. The options are so varied.

Plan Wisely

When considering new lighting for your property it makes good sense to work with a design and installation team that can guide. You can find a few pointers in our blog post on Outdoor Lighting Tips. And, please feel free to contact Scapes in Jacksonville to discuss your lighting needs and to learn what we can do for you.

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